Unità di Produzione

30 March 2013                

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    A milanese story of labor devotion: from the production of industrial furnaces in a postwar Milan, passing through the industrial decline at the end of XX century, to the rebirth of a new business district.Workers, building-site laborers, young innovators of the high-tech service sector. Different person of various ages sharing the deepest Milan’s spirit. All of them working under the shed vault, the architectural archetype of Italian capitalism.


    Unità di Produzione is a coworking space, a shared office where some of the best startup of Milan works closely, trying to integrate as much as possible of their complementary skills. Unità di Produzione belongs to all the people passing through every day, making it a space teeming with ideas, of life and love for their work. All around the large opens pace office there’re a multiplicity of spaces evolving continuosly.


    The architectural project implements the reuse of Saviotti Factory, a little manufactory that produced industrial furnaces, built in Milan in the early ’50s, but for years remained abandoned after the death of the founder.
    The design approach reflect an urban approach: in the large and empty shed were grafted architectural elements in search of spatial complexity able to produces a gradually discovery of the place.


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