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As part of the Urban Factor Call 2023/2024, promoted by the Urban Center of the Municipality of Milan, we were commissioned the project called: “Le Stanze di Milano” (The rooms of Milan).

Urban Center aims to observe the city and its change, through a series of conferences, workshops and public debates, as well as through the education of public contests and competitions on the regeneration of city spaces. In particular, Urban Center deals with examining multiple, apparently heterogeneous phenomena, which convey the complexity of a constantly changing metropolitan context; to this end it collects ideas, proposals, suggestions and observations, and is also a place of study, research and comparison between the transformations of Milan and those of other Italian and world cities, with the aim of involving the public, thus contributing to producing a virtuous process of participation and sharing.

Our research aims to investigate innovative solutions to high rents and the shortage of student housing. There are cohabitation experiences to study and implement. The use of unused rooms, however, must be catalyzed with architectural enhancement. In parallel with the research, we intend to design an urban policy, the objective of which is to provide students with accommodation at a symbolic rent.


The research is in full development and will lead, as a final output, to a new issue of the Urban Factor books series, of which Milan Gender Atlas and Milan Public Space can already be found on the market.


Below are the slides entry of the public competition.


















Stay tuned…


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