26 September 2019         conference        

In the context of Klimahouse Lombardia, which will be held from 4 to 6 October at Lariofiere in Erba (Como), we are invited to talk about light in architecture.
The convention, promoted by BeTheGap, is about achieving comfort, so we’ll discuss how to reach it through light.








We will start from general considerations on the use of natural light in contemporary architecture. A theme too much driven by false beliefs and myths, which in recent decades has led to a maddening anthology of brise-soleils and filtering facades.
An architectural language, often expensive to implement, whose energy balance does not seem to be so advantageous, while the balance of internal well-being is often negative.
Closing buildings like cages has been a superficial fashion, based on an excessive overvaluation – especially in european latitudes – of the need to shield the sun’s rays.
How many buildings, whose facades seem to have to withstand devastating solar flares, then regularly have the air conditioning turned on in summer?
And how many of these building, facing the obscuration of the aforementioned facades, need internal artificial lighting?
Time has come for a new sobriety that puts aside the decorativism of the facades, justified a posteriori by the need to save energy.
Which does not mean the traditional window, but placing man at the center, his possibility of enjoying the view of the external landscape and living as much as possible with natural light.
Considering that we spend 90% of our lives inside buildings, it is not a secondary topic for architects.
When we talk about light, we must always start from the Sun.
The only good light for our sight is that, all the others are imitations.
In fact, man has developed his own eyes with sunlight for millennia and only in recent years has he begun to use artificial lighting massively.

We will then talk about recent developments in artificial lighting.
In particular we will analyze the developments of energy-saving lighting, always in relation to the design quality and the final well-being of the user.






SAVE THE DATE: Friday 4th October, starting from 9am at Lariofiere in Erba, Como.

At this link the entire program.


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