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Saturday 19 May 2018, from 2 to 10 pm, Hypnos will open its doors to the public for Open! Studi Aperti, the national open day of all italian architectural offices, organized by the National Council of Architects.


In order to honor the largest exhibition of architectural projects that have ever existed (more then 700 offices all over Italy), we’ll present a preview of a very special project: the OVERPARK, a suspended garden for Loreto Square in Milan.
OVERPARK is a neologism that identifies a green area built from scratch above a pre-existing urban function.
In the context of an urgent need for permeable soil and vegetation for urban areas, it is quicker and more effective to act by addition rather than by substitution.
In a city that build mezzanine in every possible interior, creating an hanging public gardens is our urban regeneration strategy.
To demonstrate that it is possible to do it even in the most difficult places, we have developed a pilot project for one of the most complex sites of Milan.
The official presentation of the project will take place at 6 pm.


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