14 August 2015                


The office organization is forged on the etymology of the word Architecture and its two greek roots: Arché and Téchne. Aware of being cultural producers and technical practitioner at the same time, the office lives in the swing of a pendulum between two poles: theoretical research and practice. Technique is informed in a professional service refined in its finest details. Research of first principles leads us to undertake strategic consultancy for public administration on city planning and community living. If the first pole creates buildings and spaces, the second creates worlds. Ideally better than the one we live in. There is no authentic Architecture without the oscillation of this pendulum.
In 2014 Hypnos launch its new headquarters by renovating an abandoned factory in one of the most dynamic neighborhood of Milan. The big loft hosts other companies, thus creating a multi-service agency that is able to deal the most diverse needs of our customers.




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Nicola Brembilla

Nicola Brembilla was born in Bergamo in 1979. He graduated in Architecture at the IUAV University of Venice after a very intense period marked by apprenticeship in the studio of Prof. Renato Rizzi, an Erasmus year at the Institut Victor Horta in Brussels and an internship at West8 in Rotterdam. After graduating joined the studio Caruso & Torricella in Milan, where he worked on many important projects in Italy, Argentina and China.
He establish his own practice, HYPNOS, in 2010, with the aim of concentrating all the experience gained in a structured professional practice able to face the challenges of contemporaneity, particularly those relating the renovation of existing building.
Nicola Brembilla is registered architect in Milan with the number 16250.




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