Building site testing in Tuscany

20 April 2015         building site        

We are on the way to set up the building site of the renewal of a farm in Toscany and the main contractor started some mock-up in scale 1:1.




The existing brik walls will be insulated with a thick layer of straw finisched with clay.
This new counterwall will be closed by a new ventilated facede made by wood board.
We’ve decided to use boards of recycled wood coming to scaffold pavements, a technology nowadays not accepted by the national law anymore.
Inside the rough walls will be finished with natural plaster made by clay and rinforced by straw.




We are also looking for a special water-repellent palster for the bathroom, the essay try to reinvente the old technology of cocciopesto by using clays exavated on site.
The red color visible in the picture is totally natural.





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