Dimensions_ 280 x 84 cm, h.100 cm

Materials_ Solid wood, raw steel

Services_Concept, executive project, construction


Since wood boards are no longer legal to realize bulding-site scaffolding, thousands of it lie unused in warehouses scattered throughout Italy.

Although are well seasoned solid fir boards, nobody uses them, and are being sold off at low cost.

On several occasions we had reuse this item. From furnishing objects such as shelving, to industrial flooring (mezzanine floor in Unità di Produzione) up to the architectural scale (facades of the Olive grove cabin).






For the costruction of Faber table, second-hand wood boards are used to create a solid worktop suitable for handcrafts. To make the boards usable, a preliminary planing and sanding work was necessary: ​​the final result is a perfectly flat surface even in correspondence with the knots of the wood.

The legs of the table are made up of two “U” shaped trestles in tubular steel 80 x 80 mm welded at 45 °, which ensure an extremely sturdy top support.

The legs are not limited to the simple support of the top, but pierce it in all its mass up to the superior surface, locking it stably like a clamp.