Dimension_80x40 cm – h.40 cm

Materials_Luserna Stone, steel

Service_Preliminary project, executive project, construction


Tòch is a coffee table.
It consists of a broken slab of Luserna Stone 20 mm thick, lying on a thin steel frame 10×10 mm.

The table top is nothing more than a scrap stone: three sides are sharply cutted, while the fourth is fractured. A break due to an accidental cause, typically a fall during manufacturing. This outflow from the regular supply chain coincides with the entry into the world of Reuse, a practice that in terms of environmental sustainability is superior to recycling.
Reusing waste rather than producing every time ex-novo is therefore the operation that Tòch puts on stage.

In the journey that step by step, from a condition of superabundance, passing through every possible reduction, leads to the almost-nothing, the iron frame is the extreme reduction of the architectural gesture. A pen mark traced in the space able to recompose the lost geometry of the stone.

Each piece is unique. The waste stone, whose geometries and fracture lines are a datum that precedes every design choice, determines the shape of the iron frame.
The measurements of the original plate is necessary to define the dimensions of the frame, normally are available from the twin modules of the same supply.
Otherwise, a proportion of three-quarters between matter and void is maintained.