Dimensions_30x40 cm, h.65 cm – 30×80 cm, h.45 cm


Services_Preliminary project, executive project, construction


It bends but does not break. This “rocking stool” is one of the clearest examples of Instant Design.
It is infact composed by a single rectangular steel plate, folded four times.
There are two versions, the bench, with a seat at 45 cm from the floor and the stool, with seat at 65 cm from the floor.
Sbalochìn has the property to flex slightly when someone sits there, avoiding the somewhat embarrassing feeling to be on a pedestal that normally gives this type of seating.

Sbalochìn borns from the desire to realize a single-material object.
The chosen material is carbon steel, commonly called iron.
Few materials in architecture possess the vital tension of raw steel.
The light layer of calamine, the oxide coating created on the surface of steel products during hot rolling, protects a skin that, like the human one, is liable to change.

Huge is the aesthetic difference that separates it from stainless steel, which is cleaned, perfect and unshakeable, or from corten steel, whose rust represents a final stage, therefore equally static.

Sbalochìn was built as prototype in the internal laboratory of Unità di Produzione and subsequently made in series by a locksmith through an industrial bending press.