Parco solare sud














The 21th century highway

This project propose one integrated solution for two problems: long range transportation and agriculture development.

Instead of asking: “what we can do with a dismissed and isolate strip of asphalt?”, we ask ourselves: “in which kind of world we want to live? And which kind of transportation system will serve that world?”

We rethink the highways transportation issue from its basis, in order to eliminate private cars and trucks for more efficient, safe and sustainable electric programmed vehicles that can transport any kind of goods, but also cars and people.

We also imagine as top roof of the former highway a cultivated platform for experimental intensive agriculture, like hydroponic cultivations.

All along the platform a footbridge allows visitors to get informed about the research or simply enjoy the linear park.

The Solar Park South became the experimental place where a revolutionary system will be set up.

This system will be applied to the rest of the highway network.

The attempt to minimize the weight of the new platform upon the existing highway bring us to study a multiple-mast, cable-stay structure based on principles of tensegrity.

The synergy between balanced tension and compression components create an incredibly light structure that is absolutely strong even by using a minimum amount of material.

This main skeleton support a secondary alveolar structure made by nanotechnological fiberglass. As hydroponic agriculture doesn’t require soil, plant’s roots are host inside suspended sack of inert material.

The energy needed to maintain the agricultural cultivation comes from sun, wind and vibration.

Solar energy is taken from photovoltaic cells integrated in the glass shelter that partially cover the visitors footbridge.

Eolian and vibration energy comes from vertical axis turbines, installed inside highway’s barrier.

The target is to exploit natural wind as well as airstream and vibration coming from automatic vehicles that will pass very fast.