Location_Via Stendhal, Milan


Area_66 sqm

Services_Preliminary project, executive project, building site direction


The renovation of this flat passed various design stages, left on paper, until the announcement of the arrival of a child has led to the need of an additional bedroom in time for the birth.

Given the limited square footage, all that could be done was to extract space for the bedroom from the living room.
To ensure maximum flexibility, instead of elevating a wall with a door, we built a custom-made structure, the Magic Wall, which combines the functions of a partition wall and a wardrobe by incorporating two sliding doors.

With the same construction technique and architectural finishing we operated on the opposite wall. Incorporating various form irregularities into a single architectural gesture, the kitchenette has been transformed into a regular and luminous environment.

The result is a living space bordered by a contemporary boiserie, which has been assembled very quickly and which, as housing needs change, can be removed easily.

The Magic Wall is a device for interior architecture.
The Magic Wall is an architecture into an architecture. It is not a simple wall unit, but a micro building where you can enter. The inside of a Magic Wall hosts functions as kitchen, wardrobe, closet, techincal niche.





















































In the bathroom we operated with the same warm shades, making a sand-colored cement-resin coating. The obsolete bathtub has been replaced with a large shower. The washbasin cabinet was built by the construction company, has a drywall structure, MDF doors with leather handles and a coating of the same resin that covers all the walls and the floor.
The lamps were handcrafted in HYPNOS workshop.