Location_Serravalle Pistoiese, Pistoia


Area_136 mq

Client_Fattoria Bosco di Rovo

Service_Preliminary project, executive project, building site direction


The challenge: transforming what appeared an anonymous house into an authentic “casa colonica” typical of Tuscany, not by aggregating traditional elements, but with actions of cancellation.
Are so removed from the pre-existence:
1_The pitched roof overhangs, highlighting the primary and archetypal profile of the house.
2_The plastic plaster of the walls, allowing the stone facing to resurface.
3_The false ceilings, rediscovering the solid chestnut trunk beams.





Once the pre-existence has been stripped out, two different methods of intervention are established.
The first is mimetic and mainly concerns the screed covering the radiant floor where a smooth cocciopesto blends the sandy shades of the sandstone of the walls. The kitchen and bathroom counters are also follow a continuity in terms of color and material, both characterized by monolithic sinks.
The second method of intervention works by contrast through the use of raw steel. A material that marks the new construction phase, leaving the additions clearly legible compared to the original elements.
All the windows in anthracite aluminum also work in contrast, betraying a technological soul that was an important part of the renovation.
In addition to significant anti-seismic structural reinforcements, the farmhouse is in fact equipped with a sophisticated heating system that hybridizes a thermo fireplace with two heat pumps powered by the photovoltaic system installed on the roof.