House in Città Studi


Location_Via Wildt, Milan
Area_40 sqm
Service_Preliminary and executive project, building site direction


In the university district of Città Studi, an anonymous basement has been transformed into an house for students.
Consisting of a living area with freestanding kitchen, double bedroom, laundry room and bathroom, the construction site involved very few wall changes, the execution of the ventilated crawl space, the renovation of plumbing and electrical systems and the addition of the kitchen area.
Always associated with luxurious openspaces, in this project the freestanding kitchen is elevated with simple drywall structure finished with resin, then completed by standard Ikea furniture. Main target of the project was in fact to revolutionize the aesthetic impact of the spaces with a minimal budget.

For the finishing of all the floors and the cladding of the bathroom, has been selected a porcelain stoneware, almost identical to the natural travertine of the condominium facade and the external access stairs to the basement. The continuity of the material between interiors and exteriors makes it possible to achieve a spatial breath and an unexpected overall coherence.

Two sliding doors in raw steel with exposed upper rails, ennoble the two passages that lead from the living area to the bedroom and bathroom. Weldings and grindings are deliberately left visible, so that the signs of craftsmanship could enhance the charisma of the apartment, in a place that would normally only show the most standardized building finishes. With the same logic, a reinforced concrete portal, that forms the backdrop to the kitchen, was left exposed without plaster.