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HYPNOS is an italian architecture firm founded in Milan by Nicola Brembilla in 2010. Our practice aims to reach an architectural production of absolute quality, driven by a research on a language of clear contemporaneity. Aptitude for experimentation and passion for timeless archetypes are the two poles of a range within it moves our cultural approach to design.



HYPNOS is a network’s fulcrum of a wide supply chain regarding architecture.
Transdisciplinarity is not an ideal goal but the daily reality of the office.
In 2014 the study renewed its headquarters by restoring an abandoned factory in one of the most dynamic neighborhood of Milan.
The big loft hosts other realities of the world of design, services and research, thus creating a kind of multi-service agency that is able to deal the most diverse needs of our customers.











Nicola Brembilla

Nicola Brembilla was born in Bergamo in 1979. He graduated in Architecture at the IUAV University of Venice after a very intense period marked by apprenticeship in the studio of Prof. Renato Rizzi, an Erasmus year at the Institut Victor Horta in Brussels and an internship at West8 in Rotterdam. After graduating joined the studio Caruso & Torricella in Milan, where he worked on many important projects in Italy, Argentina and China.
He establish his own practice, HYPNOS, in 2010. After few years of practice founded the coworking “Unità di Produzione”.
Nicola Brembilla is registered architect in Milan with the number 16250







HYPNOS is an architecture firm specialized in recovery of existing buildings and interior design. The office attends the client throughout all the construction process, from the choice of the property and the analysis of potential transformation, through a carefully designed project, until the final finishing, the choice of furniture and all the bureaucratic fulfillments. Even within the contest of a tested practice, we provide services that every time are tailor made on the most personal needs of the client.

  • Architecture

    Our architecture is always an essential act of selection that goes from chaos to minimum.
    Each transformation process is driven by an absolute care and understanding of places.
    Professional practice and artistic inspiration are combine to pursue one goal: the fascination of physically realized object.

  • Interior design

    We transform anonymous interiors in comfortable space of great personality.
    With micro-actions of “acupuncture” we revolutionize any type of interior space, redefining functionality and emphasizing the aesthetic impact.
    Attention and care to the project implementation through the building site are two inseparable factors.

  • Objects

    An open collection of industrial design runs parallel to the firm’s linguistic research.
    Each object always comes from someone needs that we try to satisfied in the shortest possible time and with less waste of materials and resources.
    We call this approach Instant Design.






Our projects are characterized by an high quality craftsmanships, based on a blend of tradition and innovation, building site experience and technological research. From design through architecture to the urban scale, all our design choices are characterized by formal rarefaction and material quality. Amazing constructive details and at the same time tangible cost containment are the constant of unique and unrepeatable realizations.




Unità di Produzione

Aware of the ongoing revolution in the production of architecture, HYPNOS works in a coworking space together with an engineering company, a startup committed in the temporary use of any kind of space, a consulting company focused on lifestyles and brand perception, and other realities connected to architecture and urban environment. Unità di Produzione is much more of a shared office is a laboratory of research and development, an exhibition gallery, a space for public events.


    A milanese story of labor devotion: from the production of industrial furnaces in a postwar Milan, passing through the industrial decline at the end of XX centuty, to the rebirth of a new business district.

    Workers, building-site laborers, young innovators of the high-tech service sector. Different person of various ages sharing the deepest Milan’s spirit. All of them working under the shed vault, the architectural archetype of italian capitalism.


    Unità di Produzione is a coworking space, a shared office where some of the best startup of Milan works closely, trying to integrate as much as possible of their complementary skills.
    Unità di Produzione belongs to all the people passing through every day, making it a space teeming with ideas, of life and love for their work. All around the large openspace office there’re a multiplicity of spaces evolving continuosly…


  • The project

    The architectural project implements the reuse of Saviotti Factory, a little manufactory that produced industrial furnaces, built in Milan in the early ’50s, but for years remained abandoned after the death of the founder. The design approach reflect an urban approach: in the large and empty shed were grafted architectural elements in search of spatial complexity able to produces a gradually discovery of the place.

    So while originally after few step from the entrance was possible to see all the space in one glance…





The Architecture is a process that involves many heads and many hands.
Our logbook brings you into the beauty of the building-site, the artisan workshops and the process of collaborative construction of the project that we carry out not only as a private research but also in public level.





e-mail pec: brembilla.16250@oamilano.it

phone: +39 02 87064696
mobile: +39 338 5063122

address: via Andrea Cesalpino 7 - 20128 Milano - Italy